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“For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected never know.”

– Inscription on the back of a flak jacket worn by a Marine machine-gunner on the demilitarized zone (DMZ), Republic of Vietnam, 1968.

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1 About.comAbout.com
2 AddictiongroupAddictiongroupIn the U.S., there are many prescription and illegal drugs that people misuse. Certain medications—including opioids, pain relievers, stimulants, sleeping pills, and benzodiazepines—have a high potential for abuse, addiction, and dependence. Other drugs, such as psychedelics and certain antidepressant medications, are not addictive. However, some people may misuse or abuse these drugs, even if they do not have addictive properties.
3 Addiction and SleepAddiction and SleepAnyone who’s gone through addiction, or cared for a loved one with addiction, knows firsthand the devastating effects it has on a person’s life. Addiction disrupts all areas of your life, and sleep is no exception.
4 Addiction ResourceAddiction ResourceFree & Confidential 24/7 Rehab Helpline Feel Hope Without Commitment We will help you to find the best drug and alcohol rehab centers and programs! Call our free national 24/7 confidential helpline and let our friendly and compassionate treatment specialists help you!
5 Addiction & VeteransAddiction & VeteransWe provide information, resources, and treatment for people battling addiction and related conditions. This guide covers substance abuse trends in the armed forces, info/stats on different drugs, associations between PTSD + addiction +
6 Air Force TimesAir Force Times
7 Alcohol Abuse and AddictionAlcohol Abuse and AddictionTHE RECOVERY VILLAGE * How to keep yourself safe from alcoholism and more.
8 Alcohol Rehab and RecoveryAlcohol Rehab and RecoveryA free online guide to treatment and recovery.
9 Armed Forces LocatorArmed Forces LocatorArmed Forces Locator is a free service. We offer other valuable services that help past and present members of the armed forces stay connected.
10 Army TimesArmy Times
11 Asbestos & Patient Advocacy
12 ASVABASVABThe Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.
13 B's Embroidery B's Embroidery
14 Best Drug RehabilitationA different approach to conventional methods.
15 Best Strategies To FlyBest Strategies To FlyMilitary/ Veterans Benefits Travel Guide
16 Cancer Misdiagnosis GuideCancer Misdiagnosis GuideHave you or a loved one been victim of cancer misdiagnosis?
17 Cerebral Palsey SymptomsCerebral Palsey Symptoms
18 Daughters Of The American RevilutionDaughters Of The American Revilution Daughters are vibrant, active women who are passionate about community service, preserving history, educating children, as well as honoring and supporting those who serve our nation.
19 DAV15-Pahrump,NevadaDAV15-Pahrump,Nevada
20 DC Office Of Veterans AffairsDC Office Of Veterans Affairs
21 Defense Prisoner of War/ Missing Personel OfficeDefense Prisoner of War/ Missing Personel Office
22 Depart Of Nevada Marine Corps LeagueDepart Of Nevada Marine Corps League
23 Desert Pacific Healthcare VA NetworkDesert Pacific Healthcare VA Network
24 DOD-U.S.Depastment Of DefenseDOD-U.S.Depastment Of Defense
25 Drug Dangers/Defective DrugsDrug Dangers/Defective Drugs
26 Easily Transition To Civelian Life After MilitaryEasily Transition To Civelian Life After MilitarySettling Down After Life in the Military. This guide is designed to be your go-to resource as you transition to daily civilian life. From driving and cooking to making major financial decisions, this has the resources, tips, and tricks you need to make these decisions effectively and confidently. So keep it handy as you navigate your new life as a civilian. http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2011/12/08/the-difficult-transition-from-military-to-civilian-life/
27 Eligibility For Purple Heart MedalEligibility For Purple Heart MedalRecognizing The Sacrifice-Application Process
28 Fisher HouseFisher HouseFisher House Mailing Address: 6900 North Pecos Road North Las Vegas, NV 89086
29 Free Burial For Homeless Veterans 	Free Burial For Homeless VeteransFor Burial in a National Cemetery
30 Hadit.com Veteran To VeteranHadit.com Veteran To Veteran
31 Heritage Press International-USMC BooksHeritage Press International-USMC BooksCommandants Of The Marine Corps
32 Granite State Marine Corps League Detachment 542Granite State Marine Corps League Detachment 542
33 Know Your DNAKnow Your DNAWhich DNA Test is the Most Accurate? Somewhere between deciding to try an at-home DNA test, and receiving your kit in the mail, you’ll likely be asking yourself which DNA test is the most accurate.
34 Marine Corps League NATIONALMarine Corps League NATIONAL
35 Marine Corps Scholarship FoundationMarine Corps Scholarship Foundation
36 Marine Corps TimesMarine Corps Times
37 Maritime Injury CenterMaritime Injury CenterWhile working in the maritime industry can be exciting and lucrative, it can also be highly dangerous. If you’ve been injured on the job, you have rights and options.
38 Mattress HelpMattress HelpHow drugs and alcohol affect sleep; Sleep disorders and addiction; Addiction to sleep medication; Sleep aids for those in recovery; Tips for sleep when you’re in recovery; Additional resources
39 MCL Detachment 186MCL Detachment 186
40 MCL-Lake Havasu City Detchment 757MCL-Lake Havasu City Detchment 757
41 Medals Of AmericaMedals Of America
42 Mesothelioma/ Asbestos ExposureMesothelioma/ Asbestos ExposureMilitary veterans and civilian military workers, especially those who worked at Navy shipyards, are at a higher risk of mesothelioma due to on-the-job exposure to asbestos. Men and women who served between 1940 and 1970 are especially vulnerable.
43 Mesothelioma Cancer-ResourcesMesothelioma Cancer-Resources
44 Mesothelioma Treatment CommunityMesothelioma Treatment CommunityTogether We Are Stronger.
45 Mesothelioma Guide
46 MesotheliomaHelp.orgMesotheliomaHelp.org
47 Mesothelioma Lawyer CenterMesothelioma Lawyer Center
48 Mesothelioma Resource Online
49 Military Connection NewsMilitary Connection News
50 Military.com - Benefiting all service
51 Military Funerals-Directors Resource VAMilitary Funerals-Directors Resource VA
52 Military Personnel Records
53 Military TimesMilitary TimesHonor our Fallen Heroes
54 Moving Help GuideMoving Help GuideWhat many people aren’t aware of are all of the resources, services, and tips that are available to them. Moving Help Guide has gathered these resources so that we can help make your next move a whole lot easier.
55 Names of Vietnam War Casualties by City and State
56 National Cemerery Administration VANational Cemerery Administration VA
57 National Purple Heart Hall of HonorNational Purple Heart Hall of Honor
58 National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition
59 Navy TimesNavy Times
60 NDVSNDVSNevada 2*1*1 Get Connected. Get Answers
61 Nevada State ParksNevada State ParksDisabled Veterans Pass
62 New MouthNew MouthHow Can Serving In The Military Impact Your Oral Health?
63 Nevada Veterans CouncilNevada Veterans Council
64 Nursing Home AbuseNursing Home Abuse
65 Nursing Home Abuse GuideNursing Home Abuse Guide
66 Nye County NevadaNye County NevadaStay up to date with the newly revised County website January 2018.
67 Oath Keepers-Guardians of the Republic
68 Patriot Guard Riders
69 Pleural Mesothelioma CenterPleural Mesothelioma Center
70 Prime Purpose Coaching and BooksPrime Purpose Coaching and BooksIn loving memory of my first-born son - Sgt. Tyrell Seth Williams
71 Purple Heart Medals Awards History-Download
72 Purple Heart Riders National AssociationPurple Heart Riders National Association
73 Quilts Of HonorQuilts Of HonorRequest a quilt for a deserving Veteran and learn about the qualifications.
74 Quilts Of ValorQuilts Of ValorQuilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.
75 Quit Smoking CommunutyQuit Smoking CommunutyExplore the different cessation tools, how they work and more
76 Recall GuideRecall GuideNews & Education
77 Recall ReportRecall ReportSupport for Victims of Dangerous Products
78 Revelation ProductionRevelation ProductionMinistry in Art form, from the book of Revelation. by Pat Marvenko Smith.
79 SEGS4VETSSEGS4VETSIf you can stand, this beats a wheelchair.
80 Shutterfly For MCL1199 Pahrump,Nevada-Photo AlbumsShutterfly For MCL1199 Pahrump,Nevada-Photo AlbumsPhotoes by: MCL1199 - Jerry Dumont, & (Ginger).
81 Social Security Disability Benefits
82 Stars & Stripes NewsStars & Stripes News
83 storage.comstorage.comMilitary and Veteran Discounts
84 The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor
85 The Realty MedicsThe Realty MedicsWhat Home Grants or Loans are Available for Veterans?
86 The Ride HomeHonoring all former POW's and those still MISSING.
87 The Vietnam Traveling Memorial WallThe Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall
88 United States CodeUnited States Code
89 USCCCA-OnlineUSCCCA-Online
90 U.S. Veteran Compensation Program
91 U.S. Vet'sU.S. Vet'sVeterans Homeless Shelter-Las Vegas, Nevada
92 VA National CemeteriesNo cost grave sites, grave-liners, open & closing, Head Stone or Marker, Flag. Military Honors.
93 VAPINGDAILYVAPINGDAILYThe World’s Vaping Information Resource
94 VA Reaches Out to Veterans & Spouses
95 VA Site Aid & Attendance and Housebound
96 VA Southern Nevada Healthcare SystemVA Southern Nevada Healthcare SystemNorth Las Vegas VA Hospital
97 Veteran Business IdeasVeteran Business IdeasVeteran Guide to Starting and Owning a Business
98 Veteran Tickets FoundationVeteran Tickets Foundation
99 Veterans Administration
100 Veterans and Mesothelioma
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Posted: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Posted: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Whatever your personal US Military historical focus - This is a reference treasure chest!

This will keep the military buffs occupied for months.



Aviation Pioneers                                       http://acepilots.com/pioneers.html

World War I Aces                                        http://acepilots.com/wwi/main.html

Hall of Fame of the Ai                                http://acepilots.com/wwi/hfa.html

WW2 European Theater (ETO)               http://acepilots.com/usaaf_eto_aces.html

WW2 Pacific Theater (PTO)                     http://acepilots.com/usaaf_pto_aces.html

WW2 US Marine Corps                             http://acepilots.com/usmc_aces.html

WW2 US Navy Aces                                  http://acepilots.com/usn_aces.html

WW2 Mediterranean (MTO)                      http://acepilots.com/usaaf_mto_aces.html

WW2 German Aces                                    http://acepilots.com/german/ger_aces.html

Korean War Aces                                       http://acepilots.com/korea_aces.html

Russian Aces                                              http://acepilots.com/russian/rus_aces.html

Vietnam Era Aces                                       http://acepilots.com/vietnam/main.html

Airplanes                                                      http://acepilots.com/

World War I Planes                                     http://acepilots.com/wwi/main.html

1930s Aircraft photos                                http://acepilots.com/pioneer/air_photos.html

WW2 Fighters                                              http://acepilots.com/planes/main.html#fighters

WW2 Bombers                                            http://acepilots.com/planes/main.html#bombers

WW2 German Planes                                http://acepilots.com/german/main.html

WW2 Airplane Pictures                             http://acepilots.com/archives/main.html

History of Airplanes blog                         http://acepilots.com/airplanes/

Nose Art                                                        http://acepilots.com/planes/nose_art.html

Postwar Jets                                               http://acepilots.com/jets/main.html

World War Two                                           http://acepilots.com/>

WW2 Facts and Firsts                               http://acepilots.com/misc_ww2.html

WW2 Medals                                                http://acepilots.com/medals/main.html

WW2 Museums                                           http://acepilots.com/ww2/museums.html

WW2 Pictures                                              http://acepilots.com/ww2/pictures.html

WW2 Ships                                                  http://acepilots.com/ships/main.html

WW2 Weapons                                           http://acepilots.com/ww2/weapons.html
Dreams of Glory, Fields of Fire by: Cook Barela
The first thing I must emphasize is that this book is NOT a war story. It's a chronology of events of a Marine Company that attained the reputation and known as "Suicide India" 1st Platoon of "India" Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division (1967-68). The events are from the daily diary of RM "Cook" Barela from the first day he become a US Marine and shipped to the unpopular war in the Republic of South Vietnam, He was assigned as my machinegunner. The events are accurate and factual and backed up by all field reports. One thing you will notice once you start reading this particular book, is that you will NOT be able to put it down, except to sleep and rest your eyes. If you have never been in combat this book will give you the sensation of seeing it through the eyes, mind, heart and soul of the warrior who took some twenty plus years in the making sure that all events were researched and confirmed by the Marines who were there for it's accuracy. NO FICTION in this book. This book should be a MUST read for all High schools as a part of the history of young 20 year old Marines who went to war for his country, and all future want to be warriors. Thanks to ALL who served, and are serving...Semper Fi Marines...GN Dumont, Sgt. USMC Veteran.
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